CP Plus Ragging Ad India – CCTV & Video Surveillance Commercial

Electronic security and surveillance firm CP Plus unveiled this ad during IPL 8 ( April, 2015), featuring a ragging theme. CP Plus have also landed a deal to sponsor Rajasthan Royals during the IPL.

What does the CP Plus ragging ad depict?

It features three boys from Delhi being ragged. Their seniors ask them from where they are, and when they say Delhi, the juniors are asked to form a Qutub Minar by standing on top of each other, which they do, but struggle to maintain their balance. The seniors then ask them to form the Leaning Tower of Pisa. At this time, one of the juniors spots a security camera placed for surveillance, leading to the seniors running away. Continue reading CP Plus Ragging Ad India – CCTV & Video Surveillance Commercial

Aur Dikhao Amazon India Ad/Commercial

Online retailing giant Amazon.in (Amazon India) has come up with this catchy ad in April 2015 on the eve of IPL 8, featuring the jingle “Aur Dikhao”. The ad attempts to capture the shopping sentiments of Indians by featuring a variety of situations. who generally like to check out a variety of products before deciding on which won they’d like to buy.

The ad promotes Amazon’s 2 crore product range on Amazon.in

Who is the singer of the Aur Dikhao jingle/song?

Her name Continue reading Aur Dikhao Amazon India Ad/Commercial