Ananya Pandey and Anurag Kashyap in New Cadbury Perk Ad 2019- “Sorry Not Available”

This is the new Cadbury Perk Ad featuring Ananya Pandey and Anurag Kashyap.

This ad talks about Anurag Kashyap is directing the ad and shooting Ananya’s part as well. He asks her to be available for the shoot tomorrow, to which she tells him, “Sorry! not available”.

Anurag however shoots that part secretly and uses it for the ad after taking her permission. The teaser ends on the “To Be Continued.

One thought on “Ananya Pandey and Anurag Kashyap in New Cadbury Perk Ad 2019- “Sorry Not Available””

  1. Wat a Rubbish add this is . Plz repeat those 90’s add . They were awesome adds even were sensible adds . Normal artist in 90s were too good to then this annaya n Anurag . WATS this add I mean senseless add n for this they both r paid huge amount . I request ads companies to bring back or modify 90s add . Instead of paying lakhs of rupees to these useless anuragh n ananya. I mean being an actor n director can’t they themself make up out that they r effecting their own image by doing this adds . Itna paisa Bollywood n cricketers logo ko bhagwan ne license dediya Hai Kya upper hell or heaven mai be they can take n continue their Bollywood ka chutyapa their also ? . Ye add dekhke perk khaney ka b maan Nahi karta. !

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