Anil Kapoor New Puro Healthy Salt Ad-2017

This is the new Puro Healthy Salt Ad featuring Anil Kapoor. This ad features Anil Kapoor explaining how paint and white salt both come from chemical factories.

Puro Healthy Salt has 84 minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Iron along with traces of Iodine that occur naturally, making it a healthier salt essential for holistic well-being. He also mentions that White salt is bleached and has chemicals which is not good for health.

4 thoughts on “Anil Kapoor New Puro Healthy Salt Ad-2017”

  1. Misleading and should be taken off immediately, God has given him so much and we all admire him as a great actor, for few lacs or crores he should not do ads like this.

  2. I am not able to understand how salt is bleached and by which chemical it is not made in a factory.Actully the process involves drying of sea water in salt pans washing dried salt by water and drying by steam.Iodine is sprayed to make it iodised.This ad is misleading and requires immediate corrections

  3. Dear Anil Kapoorji and Owners of Puro Salt Manufacturers,
    If this salt is so called “Pakistani, Sendha or Paharhi Namak” then all is well…. If not then nothing is well. How u will prove it?????

  4. Would love to get a list of the 84 elements in this salt. And the name of the lab that tested it for the presence of these elenents

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