New Deepika Padukone Renuka Shahane Coca Cola Mr.Mehra Ad 2016- Coke Bura Maan Jaata

A new ad for Coca Cola featuring actresses Deepika Padukone and Renuka Shahane. DP and her brother in the TVC are looking for a certain Mr.Mehra, but realise after getting into the house that they are at the wrong Mr.Mehra’s house. However the Mrs.Mehra in the advert (Renuka Shahane) is serving Coke and Deepika cannot resist her temptation in drinking it despite her brother telling her that they are in the wrong place.

She says “Mujhe pata hai ki hum galat Mr.Mehra ke ghar aa gaye, lekin hum aise hi chale jaate toh Coke bura maan jaata”

(I know we are the wrong Mr.Mehra’s place, but if we left like that, Coke would’ve felt offended)

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