Surf Excel Easy Wash India 2013 TVC

This is Surf Excel Easy Wash India Ad. Ramesh Deo and Vidya Sinha are grandparents to a small boy. They are getting ready to go on a short trip.The little one appears sad on hearing it. Ramesh Deo tells the small boy that they will be back soon and asks the boy where his shoes were. The boy looks for it, finds it and starts polishing them.In the process his white Tshirt gets dirty. Ramesh Deo sees the polished shoes and tells that the little boy has created magic with his hands.But Vidya Sinha seeing his dirty clothes tells her daughter in law Divyanka Tripathi that he has increased her workload. Divyanka says that she has Surf Excel which is equal to washing with 10 hands and it is not a problem.Surf Excel dissolves easily in water and removes stains without much effort. Rajesh Kumar (Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai fame) carries the luggage and puts them in the car. Seeing this the little boy remarks that his Dad also needs 10 hands to load the luggage.

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