Sonakshi Sinha In the Latest New ‘Colgate’ Ad

This is the new ‘Colgate’Ad featuring Sonakshi Sinha and Neetha Shetty- the actress who came in the serial (Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann) and also Mudit Nayar- the actor who comes in the serial ( Badii Devrani). Neetha Sheety and Mudit Nayar are the newly married couple who enter the house and Sonakshi tells them to wait for a moment. She then asks Neetha Shetty (who is supposed to be his newly married brother’s wife) to mention the names of people who use Colgate Active Tooth paste to which Neetha Sheety gives a list of names of people who use the paste. Then Sonakshi asks Neetha Shetty “what about me?”. She laughs and tells Neetha Shetty that she could enter the house.

In the end she Sonakshi asks the users of Colgate Active Tooth Paste to call on the given number.

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